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AOL’s Moviefone’s Mike Ryan caught up with Megan at the Toronto Film Festival for an interview that covers how Megan really feels about Shia Labeouf, her public image & her upcoming movie Friends With Kids. Check out the full interview below.

“I love Shia to death,” said Megan Fox to Moviefone in Toronto over the weekend. “I love him unconditionally.” Those don’t sound like the words of someone who has been “hit hard,” as Fox said, by the principal players associated with ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ — the summer blockbuster that very famously didn’t feature the former franchise co-star. While Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay piled on during the press rounds for ‘Transformers,’ Fox remained silent. That’s about to change.

In a way, Megan Fox is trying to start over, and her role in the new indie ensemble comedy ‘Friends With Kids’ — which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival — is an interesting choice. Fox is well aware of her image as a pin-up girl — she refers to her own public image as “a robot” — and is media savvy enough to know that that image hasn’t always been a hindrance. Moviefone spoke to a candid and engaging Fox in Toronto about ‘Friends With Kids’ (she plays Mary Jane, Adam Scott’s younger girlfriend in the new comedy), her public image, the beating she’s taken in the press, and why she didn’t defend herself. And, yes, she revealed if she’s seen ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon.’


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Let the Transformers PR begin…

Transformers: Dark of the Moon star Shia LaBeouf says the set has changed for the better since Megan Fox was replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The reason?

Fox, he says, could never adapt to director Michael Bay‘s take on sexuality.

“Megan developed this Spice Girl strength, this woman-empowerment [stuff] that made her feel awkward about her involvement with Michael, who some people think is a very lascivious filmmaker, the way he films women,” LaBeouf tells the Los Angeles times. “Mike films women in a way that appeals to a 16-year-old sexuality. It’s summer. It’s Michael’s style. And I think [Fox] never got comfortable with it. This is a girl who was taken from complete obscurity and placed in a sex-driven role in front of the whole world and told she was the sexiest woman in America. And she had a hard time accepting it. When Mike would ask her to do specific things, there was no time for fluffy talk. We’re on the run. And the one thing Mike lacks is tact. There’s no time for, ‘I would like you to just arch your back 70 degrees.’”

(Fox, who played Mikaela in the first two films, has compared Bay to Nazis and Napoleon.)

But Huntington-Whiteley?

“Rosie comes with this Victoria’s Secret background, and she’s comfortable with it, so she can get down with Mike’s way of working and it makes the whole set vibe very different,” LaBeouf said.

LaBeouf ways his character is coddled more with Huntington-Whiteley in the film, which hits theaters June 29.

“Sam’s sort of frustrated,” LaBeouf says. “He has no purpose in life. When he was with the Autobots, he had purpose. He was needed. But he’s got this very supportive girl [Huntington-Whitley's character Carly Miller] who’s having him go to these job interviews and trying to nurture him, get him back on his feet. It’s a different female energy than he experienced with Mikaela, who was a very cold biker chick. This woman’s more of a maternal, loving type. Sam wants a domestic, eggs-in-the-morning kind of a thing.”

Kinda seems like Shia is throwing Megan under the bus, sad because they seemed to have such great chemistry. I’d like to see how they plan on explaining Mikaela’s departure, if they are even going to explain it.


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Cheryl Cole is one smart woman, she spoke to OK! Magazine on would she admirers & one of those people is Megan Fox.

Cheryl Cole may be one of the world’s sexiest women, but the Girls Aloud singer has admitted that she has a beauty crush on actress, Megan Fox.

Speaking to OK! magazine about whose style she admirers, Cheryl confessed: “Megan Fox, I think she’s beautiful. I really appreciate beautiful women and I appreciate when women take time on themselves.”

Can we get a Cole/Fox encounter as soon as possible please? Or would that be too hot to handle?


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Megan’s husband Brian Austin Green talks to Details magazine for their upcoming October 2010 issue. He talks about Beverly Hills, 90210, his new role in Desperate Housewives, and of course on Megan.

Details: Do the paparazzi hound you?
Brian Austin Green: It wasn’t so much of a problem before Megan, but once Transformers hit, that was it. I had never experienced paparazzi on that level, because during 90210 they were still developing pictures and selling them by hand. It was a whole different experience.

Details: Does Megan tease you about this new ab-conscious role (Desperate Housewives)?
Brian Austin Green: She does. She busts my balls just enough to make me laugh and not feel self-conscious about what I’m doing. She’s good about it.
Details: You’ve married Megan Fox and turned her into a stepmom—not the role most of us imagine her in.
Brian Austin Green: She is absolutely my better half in parenting. She just gets it. It’s instinctual for her. She loves my son, Kassius. And from the time we started dating—you know, she was 18—she stepped in and took control. It’s unbelievable. At 18, I was like, “Hey, which club is open tonight? And how cool do my pants look? Can I sneak a drink across the bar without getting caught?”

Details: Was the nearly 13-year age difference a concern at any point?
Brian Austin Green: When we met, I had just separated from Kash’s mom and a relationship was the last thing on my mind. It’s not something I ever thought would be serious. But she brought out parts of me that I had lost in my last relationship. I had come off of 90210, and I never wanted to leave my house. I was afraid of the press. I was afraid of people’s opinions of me. I would walk into a Coffee Bean and not want to look the guy behind the counter in the eyes because I was afraid he was thinking, “Oh, that’s that ridiculous guy from 90210 who put out the hip-hop album.” Megan was a big part of boosting my confidence. And at the same time, I was somebody responsible and grounded for her to be around. We just matched.

Details: Your relationship was often described as on-again, off-again.
Brian Austin Green: We’ve been together for six years. Find a picture of one of us with any other boyfriend or girlfriend—I challenge you. You’ll only find pictures of her doing press with Shia LaBeouf or me with my son. That’s it. We never once dated anyone else or did anything else.

Details: Did you ever try to give her advice on navigating the world of celebrity?
Brian Austin Green: You know, in the beginning, she didn’t really want to hear the comparisons, because it was her own crazy road, and it was overwhelming, and she wanted to figure it all out on her own. But now we sit and we share stories, and we’ve found the commonality of it all. It’s the most backwards, fucked-up love story you’ve ever heard. And it worked. And the day that I said, “I do,” I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. And it was the absolute perfect start to what we hope will be an amazing life together.

Details: She’s a lot more famous than you are right now. Is that intimidating?
Brian Austin Green: I know the normal male thing is the man works and is successful and brings home the paycheck. I don’t know who the hell set it up, but it’s what people expect. I just don’t care. I hated being famous during 90210. I’m not an extrovert. I’m 37. I have a beautiful wife. I have an amazing 8-year-old son. I love acting, but this is just my job. Fuck, next year I could book some crazy movie that blows up and things could shift completely. And I guarantee you at that point she’ll say, “Fuck, thank God. You go do all that shit now. I’m sick of it.”

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Love The Way You Lie director Joseph Kahn sat down to talk Megan Fox with Vibe. Kahn admits:

I initially thought it was a long shot to try and cast Megan Fox for the lead role. Seriously, before every video you think to yourself ‘let’s cast a girl like Megan Fox.

Fox accepted the role with out hesitation on the account of her being a huge Eminem fan. Shocked by the ease of pulling such an in-demand starlet, Joseph used the opportunity to create his own story rather than base the characters on the artists. Kahn explained:

We wanted to make a specific story about two people—Meg and Dom—not a video that was representative of all couples or all domestic violence situations. I’m not saying that all couples fight this way. I just want people just to be able to identify with the characters and recognize that they’ve seen relationships like this where two people are together that are completely wrong for each other and things spiral out of control.

Kahn managed shoot both Eminem and Rihanna’s part in one day before going back and completing the video with Fox and Monaghan. The director also told VIBE he doesn’t think the video would have made as big of an impact without Megan’s performance.

Megan was the key to this video. I feel like people constantly pick on her because she’s so beautiful but I’ll tell you as a director the reason why their scenes in the video feel so real is because in the moment they were real. When the camera stopped you could see their bodies still shivering and their breath.

The scene where Dom smashes through the wall, Megan keeps her face there and reacts to the camera, instead of turning away from his fist, which would be the natural reaction but the audience would get denied her facial expressions. It was an incredible act of vulnerability and allowed the audience into the moment. That’s the difference between and actress and movie star.

Mind you, Eminem and Rihanna shattered Youtube records last Thursday (Aug. 5)  for the most views in a 24-hour period with their visual ride for Love The Way You Lie, bringing in over 6.6 million hits on the first day of its release.

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MTV News Rough Cut‘s Josh Horowitz caught up with Megan once again for her upcoming film Jonah Hex. As some may remember MTV also did their “rough cut” on Megan for Jennifer’s Body. They have posted 10 videos of small little snippets of different questions they asked Megan. Megan talks about her comic book “credibilty” to her 18 inch waist in Jonah Hex to her love for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s son Liam.

We also get some what an explanation of her newest tattoo on her ribs as being a tribute to Mickey Rourke.

You can check out all 10 videos under the cut -

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The promo’s for Jonah Hex are starting to come out. Extra caught up with Megan and did a few Q & A’s with her.Check out the video below.

“I don’t think I’m hideous or unattractive,” actress Megan Fox  told “Extra” during a junket for her upcoming film, “Jonah Hex.” “I just like to pretend in my mind I’m more attractive than I am, so seeing pictures confirms I’m wrong.”

But Fox has no problem playing Josh Brolin’s sexy, gun-toting prostitute girlfriend in the new shoot ‘em up Western.

“I do like playing that because it’s nothing like what I actually am. I’m actually really vulnerable,” the actress admits.

Co-star Brolin has a theory on how Fox maintains her allure. “She’s not out drinking, going to rehab and doing all those things.”

Brolin also defends Megan against rumors that diva behavior cost her the “Transformers” gig — calling her a stand-up woman who “once in a while will say something that is so exploited and blown out of proportion that it makes us as readers perceive her as something that she’s not.”

“Jonah Hex” opens in theaters June 18.

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Megan will be featured on the cover of Interview magazine for their June issue. For the interview, she sat down and chatted with The Hangover’s Zach Galifianakis. I believe was the Interview shoot was shot by Craig McDean, who also photographed Megan in her W magazine shoot.  Read a snippet of the interview below.

Who said she was nuts?

Megan Fox has revealed her thoughtful, sensitive side in Interview magazine’s latest issue, in which the star chats with, of all people, “The Hangover” funnyman Zach Galifianakis about the pressures of fame and how much her bad-girl image is a result of her own attempts at misdirection.

The result is a surprisingly thoughtful portrait of a woman who has been pegged as, alternately, a brat, a lunatic or an ingrate throughout the years by the media.

For example, Fox gives a reasonable explanation for her dislike for the paparazzi.

“I don’t really resent being on the red carpet as much as I do having to deal with the paparazzi,” she says. “The photographers on the red carpet, that’s their job.”

It’s a surprisingly levelheaded comment from someone who’d gone from the love interest in “Transformers 3” to the villain of the production.

Last month, Fox was dumped from Michael Bay‘s film before shooting started. Nobody can seem to settle on an official reason (Bay says she’s too skinny; Fox says she quit voluntarily; most people think she was straight-up fired), but the second it was announced (Fox was replaced by Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), everyone’s minds flashed back to an interview where Fox compared Bay as a director to dictators like Hitler and Napoleon.

A mistake, she says, that doesn’t indicate her real demeanor.

“In the past, I’ve been reluctant to share any bits of truth about myself or to really let people in on my reality,” Fox told Galifianakis. “So I have said some things to throw people off the scent of what’s really going on in my life. So I have sort of aided the media in printing these misconceptions, which I regret.”

In any case, Fox won’t have to contend with the “Transformers” circus any longer. She’ll be appearing in this month’s “Jonah Hex” alongside Josh Brolin, and after that, it’s “Passion Play” with Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray.

Her projects after that are unclear, although IMDB has her listed as rumored to play a mermaid in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” the fourth entry in Disney’s massively lucrative franchise.

I’ve added 3 low quality pictures of the shoot including the cover of the magazine to the Showroom. Check back in, I’ll be posting better quality images as soon as I can get my hands on them. Click on the thumbnails below to view the images.

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I don’t know about you but ever since hearing Megan wasn’t going to return to the next Transformers film, I was eager to find out what co-star Shia LaBeouf thought about Megan’s departure.

I love Megan and I miss the girl, but Sam and Mikaela became one character, and here … you have discovery again from a new perspective.

Labeouf says, flecked with fake flood and dirt during a break between shooting in a recent interview with USA Today. Doesn’t seem like he’s not upset by Megan leaving… surprisingly. Maybe Rosie did something to make Shia not really care about Megan anymore, just saying.

One other thing from the interview, Bay admits that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen wasn’t 100 percent awesome and flawless:

I’ll take some of the criticism, it was very hard to put [the sequel] together that quickly after the writers’ strike.

Who would of thunk he’d own up to that?! Maybe one day he’ll own up to saying he regrets not having Megan in the third installment of the Transformers trilogy.

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Megan is set to cover the June issue of Allure magazine. Here’s your first look of Megan’s cover. In part of the Allure interview, they mention the blurry topless picture of Megan while she was filming ‘Passion Play’ that was taken on a cell phone. In which she responds:

If I knew who took this picture, I would personally cause them harm — physical harm, I’m not a f—ing reality-TV star that’s courting the paparazzi and wants my f—ing picture taken all the time. I’m at my job and I’m trying to play a character and I’m trying to be serious, and this is the sh– that’s happening to me. It makes me furious.

Other dislikes that are mentioned by Megan include industry events and compliments:

Everyone blows sunshine up everyone else’s ass. I hate receiving compliments; I hate being told I’m talented or people think I’m going to be a movie star. I always feel that it’s forced and fake.

We’ll have the high quality scans as soon as we get our hands on the magazine. Click on the thumbnail below to view the cover.